Areas of Practice


Real Estate Transactions

Michael A. Markowitz PC handles all types of Residential and Commercial Real Estate Transactions. We have extensive experience with House, Building, Condominium, Cooperative, Residential and Commercial Rentals, and License Contracts. 

Benefits: When possible, the law firm charges a flat fee for each transaction. The fee and method of payment is reviewed with the client before the law firm is retained. The law firm reviews title issues and possible judgments using an online database before the client signs the contract.  Since the law firm believes that constant communication is key to a good relationship, the client is encouraged to use e-mail.


Commercial Transactions

It is necessary to have experienced counsel handle the purchase and sale of a business.  We have experience with a wide range of commercial transactions ranging from the sale of a movie theatres, restaurants, professional practices to the purchase of a dry cleaning establishments, food and delivery routes. 

We have knowledge and experience handling the formation, merger or dissolution of corporations, partnerships, joint ventures, limited liability companies, and professional corporations. Contract preparation and review may allow a client to avoid future problems.

Michael A. Markowitz, PC has extensive experience handling contracts dealing with the Uniform Commercial Code, construction, and the service industry.  Because of its location near JFK International Airport, the law firm has handled contracts dealing with the airline industry and related services 


Litigation (Real Property, Commercial and Complex)

The law firm handles various types of landlord-tenant issues.  The law firm has successfully litigated holdover proceedings (physical eviction), non-payment proceedings (rent),
complex commercial issues (foreclosure, license disputes, violation of non-compete covenants).  We try to charge a flat fee for each matter while giving the client necessary information to obtain the desired result. The fee and method of payment is always reviewed with the client before the law firm is retained.

We also have extensive experience with construction, commercial, insurance, fraud, corporate, contract litigation, Article 78 and 75 litigation, and appeals. 

Employees and counsel to the firm are admitted to every court in New York.  Members are also admitted to all Federal Courts.  We also have substantial contacts with attorneys located in Israel.  


Wills, Probate, and Surrogate Court Litigation

There are three basic purposes when an individual signs a will.  1.  The client desires to care for a loved one’s emotional needs.  2.  The client desires to care for a loved one’s financial needs.  3.  The client desires to avoid the payment of unnecessary taxes.  Michael A. Markowitz PC has extensive experience handling all three issues. And after the death of a loved one, the law firm must help guide the client through probate, collection, distribution, and accounting for an estate's assets and liabilities.

The law firm also helps clients by aiding end of life decisions by explaining and drafting powers of attorney, health care proxies, and the formation of various types of revocable and irrevocable trusts.

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